Some Advice on Sticking to Your January Fitness Regime


January is a month of worry. Realising we’ve spent a little more than we should have on Christmas presents, our jeans aren’t as cosy as they used to be, the house is a mess and we’ve developed an odd, or we have frequent cravings for all things sweet and savoury. So it’s no wonder people add ‘Keeping Fit’ or ‘Losing Weight’ to their News Year’s resolution list. However, sticking to a fitness regime is no easy task.


Keeping fit requires motivation and lots of it, unless you’re a person who absolutely adores going to the gym and loves nothing more than to eat healthily. We all come up with ridiculous excuses as to why we can’t go to the gym today – my hair’s a mess, I feel tired, I’ve got a bad back, etc. It’s therefore vital that you have an overall goal in mind, something to aim for. Concentrate firmly on that goal. Record your progress and give yourself a reward now and then.


It’s so easy to give up yet difficult to keep going. Especially when we aren’t getting the results we want. Remember, it takes time; nothing is going to change overnight. Be realistic, don’t expect miracles.

Phone a Friend

Following a fitness regime alone can often be boring and lonely when everyone else can lie on the sofa scoffing crisps, without a care in the world. A great idea is to find a workout or diet buddy. You’ll both be going through the same thing, so can relate and encourage one another. You can pick each other up when you’re down or close to giving up and pat them on the back when they do well. A bit of healthy rivalry with your pal may also push you to work harder. Whether it’s a close friend or a family member or even the whole house! Team work = Success

Personal Trainer

When worse comes to worst, you could fork out some money for a personal trainer; even if it’s just one session a week. They will push you to your limit, you’ll have times when you hate them, when they’re screaming “Give me ten more!” but you’ll love them after it’s done; even though you’ll be in pain for a few days  it will be worth it. You’ll be sure to have an effective and successful workout every session. Personal trainers can also help you with the nutrition side of things, by giving you tips and creating meal plans for you.

Enjoy yourself

You need to enjoy yourself to a certain extent. It’s a good idea to try new things, alternating your workout also helps your body. If you don’t change your workout routine then your muscles get used to it and it doesn’t have as much effect. To cure boredom, read a magazine or book whilst on the bike at the gym or create a playlist of all your favourite songs. Classes are also a great way to keep healthy and meet new people; you’ll be having that much fun you’ll forget you’re even exercising.

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