Sometimes people take typical view that all men want to get super buff and ripped, which is true in
some cases, but in other cases men just want to be healthy and have their body be in good shape. All
men’s bodies are different and what may work for some won’t work for others. The key is to learn
what your body needs to work on and what exercises will help you to reach that goal. It will be a
case of trial and error and you’ll need to mix up your routine regularly to be able to hit all the right

If you are looking to bulk up, one of the most important things to know is that certain exercises will
release testosterone into the bloodstream, which will help to build big, dense muscle tissue. Not all
exercises release testosterone and some exercises release more than others.


A great exercise programme for men is HIIT. High intensity interval training combines quick bursts of
high energy with muscle building movements and varying weight. This type of exercise is perfect for
all body types and all goals and it is my favourite ‘routine’ for men. You can increase the weight for
more gains, or reduce the weight to tone up, it really is so versatile. There is a never ending
combination of movements and exercises for HIIT, so be sure to keep an eye on my blog posts to see
what my newest programme entails.

Bench Press

I love the bench press for men because I think it’s an amazing movement for hitting the upper body.
It defines your pecs, shoulders and triceps which is a key focus for a lot of guys. You’ll need a bench
and a top-level dumbbell weight.

Lay on the bench on your back with your legs at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Hold the dumbbells
in each hand at your chest, with the dumbbells not quite touching in the middle. Drive up using your
shoulders and triceps and squeeze the muscle throughout the range of movement.

Bring back to the start position and complete as many reps as you can until fail.

Chest Supported Row

This exercise is pretty much the exact opposite of the bench press and really focuses on building up
your back muscles. Fellas, if you want to impress the ladies (or men!), then don’t underestimate the
power of a defined back!

Lie face down on a bench and make sure the incline is at its lowest. Dangle your arms either side
with a heavy dumbbell in each with the palm of your hand facing your lower body. Bring the weights
up to your ribs and turn your hands to face inwards as you move up.

Bring back to the start position in a controlled movement.

Long Distance Running

Men always seem to think that cardio is their worst enemy and it will leave them looking ‘skinny’
and ‘weak’. I have no idea where they get this notion because it is just not true! Sure a lot of
marathon runners are smaller than bodybuilders, but that’s because marathon running requires that
sort of physique.

A 10k run is not going to turn you into a lithe beanpole. What it can do is improve your muscle
function, your cardio ability and your overall fitness. So don’t be scared! Hit the streets!