The Truth about Targeting Specific Muscle Groups & Body Parts

It usually starts out with a visual reference you see on someone else and then translates into your own fitness goals, that being the desire to target a specific body part or muscle with your exercise regime. You may be admiring the six pack of completely shredded abs of a professional athlete or perhaps the rather healthy looking legs of a gymnast as a source for inspiration. Even some celebrities who aren’t directly involved in sports can work through some fitness programmes which target specific areas of their bodies you cannot help but admire and envy, but there are a few things you should know about targeting specific muscle groups and body parts.


It Won’t Come Out Exactly as Imagined

This is something which one can almost guarantee to be true, that being the fact that the six pack you perhaps saw on that male model featured on a TV commercial isn’t going to be the exact same one you get if you focus your workout regime on targeting your abs, in the same way that your favourite female singer’s perfectly sculpted legs won’t quite look like yours if you focus on “leg-day.”

This is important to remember because it guards you against unnecessary disappointment. After all, our body structures are all different and unique, so you have some features which will make other people jealous if you bring those features out with your targeted fitness regime. Furthermore, you don’t want to end up out of proportion, as is the case with many gym rats and this leads us to the next point of discussion.

Balanced Workout Approach

Yes, it’s okay to target a specific muscle group for a bit of toning or for increased strength, endurance, etc, but you simply cannot just base your entire workout on just one isolated muscle group. If you want bigger, better-looking arms for example, you cannot just hit the gym and only do biceps curls and nothing else. In addition to unproportional muscle development, you put yourself at a higher risk of injury in this way. Biceps curls need to be complemented with triceps rows for example, or even better, focus more on exercises which target compound muscle groups before refining, toning and defining specific muscles with isolation exercises.

More than One Supplement

Building on from instituting a balanced approach and then giving extra focus to those specific muscle groups or body parts you’re targeting, this means that your nutritional and supplementation strategy has to entail two aspects. Firstly, you need supplementation which targets your whole body as a whole, such as weight loss shakes for example if you want to shed excess fat, then you need to introduce the requisite supplementation for the specific muscle group or body part you’re targeting, like a protein based supplement for muscle gain to ultimately shed fat while building muscle.

It’ll Take Longer than You Think

Lastly, even if you do indeed go straight for the muscle group or body part you’re targeting with your exercises, it’s probably going to take longer than you think to start seeing any results, so keep at it and get back on the bike if you get interrupted.

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