Hi there!

I’m Lois. I’m a personal trainer and fitness instructor from Manchester in jolly old England. I’m in my
late 30s and am utterly obsessed with working out, keeping healthy and living an active lifestyle.
I wasn’t always like this. That’s right, here comes my sob story!

I was a very overweight child. I wish I could upload a picture to show you just how much overweight
I was, but I’m pretty sure I’ve destroyed all the evidence! I won’t go into too much detail but I wasn’t
very happy as a child/teenager and I definitely turned to food and laziness to try and combat that. It
got to a point where I was probably eating about six full meals a day and spending most of my time
sat on the couch.

The big turnaround point for me was when I went on an outing with friends from work to Alton
Towers. I wasn’t really one for roller coasters but I like the idea of being social and I was so excited to
try something new. That excitement quickly turned to mortification as I got to the first ride and the
operator took one look at me and said: “you’re not going to fit”. I wanted to ground to swallow me
up, it was so embarrassing. I cried all night when I got home and the next morning I had a renewed
determination to change.

That was over ten years ago and I can’t believe I ever let myself get to that point. It’s madness to me
now, knowing that I could have been like this my whole life. And I feel great for it! Food was never
the answer to my problems, but it turned out a healthy lifestyle was!

I qualified as a PT four years ago and have progressed to become a manager and a very well known
and respected chain of gyms in the North West. I genuinely love helping people achieve their goals
and dreams and it gives me great pleasure to pass on my knowledge to my clients.

Now, I get to spread the word even further! Thank God for the internet! This blog is all about how I
stay fit, exercise tips, motivational posts and occasionally I’ll write something a little more personal
about what I’ve been doing in my spare time and day trips and products that I love.

(oh and occasionally, you’ll see a totally self-indulgent gym pic like this:)

I'll try and keep the selfies to a minimum!

I’ll try and keep the selfies to a minimum!


It’s not to make you feel bad! It’s to encourage you and motivate you to do the same!

If you’d like to get in touch with me about anything, visit the contact page and fill in the (really easy)
contact form. I’ll reply as soon as possible!

Enjoy the blog!