A Gym Rat’s List of Stocking Fillers

Buying Christmas present is always easier with kids: you ask them what they would like to get from Santa and that’s it. With grownups it’s always more complicated, especially if you’re hoping to get them something that will take them by surprise. Even if you know the person well and you know their hobbies and interests, it can still be tricky picking them the right Christmas present. Gym rats, however, are a bit easier to ‘read’ and their wish lists consist of all kinds of gym-related items.


Shaker bottle

It doesn’t matter if your friend is a bodybuilder or a fitness enthusiast, they will likely have a couple of shaker bottles scattered around. There will probably be one in their car, one forgotten at work, and an empty one in their gym bag. Shaker bottle is always a good idea because, honestly, those who work out and take their diet seriously just can’t have enough. If your budget is tight and you’re looking to get them something really useful, shaker bottle is a great choice because it doesn’t cost a fortune and it’s great for protein shakes and other tasty (and not so tasty) concoctions.


You probably noticed those big boxes of different proteins and all kinds of vitamins in their place. Supplements are not just for bodybuilders, they are for everyone who is serious about their workouts. Proteins, amino acids, and creatine are all necessary to keep one’s body healthy, and you can help by getting them by doing a small research on important supplements online before you get them some for Christmas. If you’re not 100% sure which ones they need or like, you can try getting them a small box of supplement samples so they can try them out and choose for themselves.


“Real lifters don’t wear gloves” is a bunch of nonsense. What’s next: “Real bikers don’t wear helmets”? Anyone who is responsible and takes care of themselves will always protect their body: hands, feet, head, and the rest. If your friend is doing some serious lifting, why not help them and prevent painful blisters and calluses with a nice pair of gloves? Heavy bars and weights are great for bulking up, but they can be a disaster for the gentle skin on the palms, and it’s a good idea to wear gloves.

A gym bag

Gym bags are always special: everyone has their favourite one, and it’s always full of all kinds of things: clean (and less clean) clothes, empty water and shaker bottles, and towels. Everyone could use a spare gym bag because it can happen that the one which is always used could definitely take some time off and get cleaned up.

You don’t have to spend a fortune of your gym rat friend, sometimes you can even team up with a couple of other friends and get them something from all of you. The most important thing is to show that you care about them: you know their interests, you are a careful listener, and you support their decision to stay fit and healthy. Christmas is here – don’t forget to spend it with someone you love.