3 Ways Pets Make You Healthier All Around

Family pets are a big commitment. They’re almost like having another child. If you get them from puppyhood or kittenhood, you have to potty train them and you have to teach them house rules. You feed them, you give them water, you take them for walks, you play with them, and you treat them like you would treat a good friend or loved one.


So while pets are a commitment, they can be absolutely amazing for families. Sure, they shed, and they often smell, and they cost money, but their personalities, filled with spunk and pizazz and sweetness add so much to the family dynamic. They also contribute to your overall health in several different ways. Here are just 3 ways pets make you healthier all around:

You Can Make Active Goals Together

In America, many people make the mistake of getting fat with their animals, but if you really care about your own health and the health of your fur babies, you should be making active goals that can be achieved together. Go on runs or walks with your dog. You might be able to do the same with a cat by taking a laser out and running and pointing it…but no matter what you do, make sure you’re giving your animal the same care you would give yourself. Chase them around the house, get them insurance just in case they hurt themselves with all the activity you’re putting them through, feed them quality food, and watch your health as a family unit increases.

Your Immune System Gets Boosted

There is no doubt that animals are dirty. That’s why many people choose not to have pets, but having a pet in your home can actually make you a healthier individual because they boost your immune system. If you have pets, they’re constantly bringing around germs and bacteria in small doses that allow you to build up an immune tolerance. The same can be said for your children. If you have a family pet, you’re all healthier for it because you’re less likely to get sick.

They Teach You How to Love

Out of all the perks that animals carry, the best one is that they teach you about love. Sure, some animals might give love on their own terms, and some might seek it all the time, but when you have a family pet, you’re shown how to love unconditionally, how to care for others besides yourself, and when you desperately need companionship, your animal will sense it and be there for you in the moment that matters most.

Family pets are pretty amazing. So despite the negatives of having pets in the house, it’s really like parenthood. You’ll have to clean up a fair share of messes, and you’ll have to clean up after their poop, but the benefits outweigh the downfalls.