Win a Trip to Ibiza – The Perfect Incentive to Work on Your Beach Body

When the big winter chill conspires to freeze everything in sight, nothing seems to escape the icy grip of the season, not even your solid plans to work on your summer body. Yes, you’re probably full aware of the old notion of summer bodies being made in winter, but when everyday is a struggle just to gain a bit of warmth and comfort, any attempts at getting in some regular visits to the gym are almost completely in vain. You know that you can do more to get your body beach ready for when the season inevitably changes again, but it’s just too difficult.


The problem (up until now that is) is that by the time the weather is pleasantly warm, by then it’s a bit too late to start thinking about hitting the gym to work on your beach body. With winter well and truly out of sight, you still want to enjoy the warm caress of the sun at the beach, but all that winter blubber settled nicely around your belly has you feeling unworthy of daring to take off your shirt and exposing the remnants of your winter blues. There’s hope for you yet…

Get Your Body Beach-Ready in 30 Days!

As if being able to shed the winter flab very quickly and effectively by getting your body beach-ready in just 30 days isn’t enough of an incentive on its own, if you do indeed resolve to really put in some serious effort into getting your body ready for the beach, you can also win a VIP trip to Ibiza if you show the most progress. There’ll naturally be other entrants involved, but this 30 Day Ibiza Body Transformation Challenge is a great competition through which to pit yourself against that stubborn fat which is engulfing your best beach body yet, as well as against other fellow beach babies. Whoever’s beach-body-sculpting efforts show the best before-and-after progress, following 30 days of implementing a range of specially designed nutrition and exercise plans, will walk away happy in more ways than one. The VIP trip to Ibiza prize comes with a cash allowance of £500 for the winner, while the winner is afforded the freedom to invite along two of their best buddies to get a taste of all the fun.

There’ll be no stressing about transport and accommodation because the prize includes flights and hotels as well. What better way to celebrate your brand new beach body, acquired in no more than 30 days, than to bare it unashamedly under the Mediterranean sun, on the sandy beaches of Spain’s Ibiza Island?

It’s all in your hands now and the 30 day challenge is a professionally developed journey which you don’t have to go alone. All participants have the full backing of MaxiNutrition’s expert knowledge in eating right and exercising effectively with the specific aim of either bulking up a bit or shedding stubborn fat, en route to sculpting a beach-worthy body to be proud of and use to set a precedent for a healthier life.

Do yourself a favour and enter now!

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