Ways to Mix Vacation and Sports With Fitness and Health

The perfect vacation for many includes lots of leisure time, sports, and a decent amount of delicious food and alcohol, but many don’t want to compromise their fitness and health plan. It can be challenging to do so. Vacation naturally entails a lot of calories and drinks filled with sugar and body altering substances.


When you go on vacation, you usually try to start off on the right foot. You tell yourself you’re not going to go overboard…but then the trip comes and you’ve arrived, and the triple chocolate cheesecake looks like heaven on earth, and the cocktails being served are more enticing than John Stamos could ever be…and that’s highly enticing. It’s physically impossible to say no, so you ditch the calorie count and resign yourself to the fact you will return home weighing five to ten pounds more than when you left.

That’s okay. If the perfect vacation to you includes watching basketball and relaxing by the pool, you can do that. It doesn’t make you any less of a person. However, if it really bothers you , there are ways to mix vacation with sports and fitness and health. Here’s how:

Stay in A Place That Has It All

It’s all about the accommodations in live. If you want a vacation filled with sports and your somewhat healthy lifestyle, you have to find a place to stay that will accommodate it all. Find a place in a city where everything you could ever want is close at hand. California is prime for this. You have the leisure of the beach, the draw of the sports, and the lifestyle of the natives who live out Baywatch on the daily.

Make the Beach Your Day Ground

Yes, you read that right. If you want leisure, sports, and a fitness inspired setting included in your vacation, you really need to make the beach not only your playground, but your day ground. Turn it into a place where you can relax, get your exercise, drink your beer, and play and watch your sports. Spend the whole day at a beach that accommodates it all.

Find a beach that has a walk up bar with televisions so you can keep in touch with your favorite sporting events and drink your beer. Bring beach toys to get your exercise in, and play a little volleyball or take some laps in the ocean. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, it works you out, and you get all of the things you want in one, sunny package.

Create Balance

In the end, your vacation is a time for you to focus on you. Do what you want, but think about balance in the process. If health, fitness and sports are important to you, find a way to incorporate them into your days. That’s what’s going to make you happy and refreshed in the end.

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