Top fitness tips of the jockeys


With the New Year swiftly approaching, most of us will already have a few fitness regimes lurking at the back of our minds as a way of eliminating any festive flab.

And the internet is full of many new-fangled diets and weird exercise routines. But for anyone who’s looking to achieve the maximum possible performance on the minimum amount of calories, then having a look at the fitness secrets of some top jockeys could be a good idea.

This is because jockeys are under incredible pressure to satisfy their trainers and sports betting public by having the perfect combination of power and balance, as well as being incredibly light. So if you’re looking to emulate some of these enviable traits, try out these fitness tips from some top jockeys.


As each racehorse will have a carefully prescribed weight limit, it’s incredibly important that a jockey learns to monitor their weight. And as such, many jockeys will often have exhaustive sauna sessions or even fast in order to make the weight. But a far better idea is to simply regulate a carefully-planned diet.

Incredibly, many jockeys claim to be able to perform on just 1,000 calories per day, and the Professional Jockeys Association have even published their own nutritional guide featuring some yummy recipes including a tempting chicken and vegetable risotto courtesy of champion female jockey Hayley Turner.


The activity of riding a racecourse demands that a jockey’s body must be perfectly limber and balanced. And in order to achieve this, doing a solid course of circuit training involving push-ups, squats and lunges can go a long way in keeping the metabolism high and toning the body.

As the racing season offers evermore racing opportunities, and sites like Betway provide a similar choice for punters to mix it up with an each way bet on more than one horse, a jockey’s endurance is key to sustaining their form throughout the race day and year. And so increased cardio workouts in the form of long runs or bike rides can significantly help with a jockey’s leg strength and overall balance.


Above all, it’s the daily routines of the jockeys that are key in ensuring that their fitness is maintained. Finding a window to do even just a quick ten minute run can be incredibly important in making sure that a jockey doesn’t let their weight slip. And whilst it can be tempting to check the scales on a daily basis, it’s better to stay in tune with your body and know what feels best for you.

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