The Most Popular Fitness Apps

In today’s increasingly sedentary world, the need to exercise is becoming a concern for many a would-be couch potato. Whilst in the not-too-distant past many would have resigned themselves to paying out of the nose for an expensive gym membership, in the smartphone-centric world we currently live there are a huge number of apps that one can cheaply employ to shed those pounds and find the physique they desire. Here are the most popular!



Charity Miles


Want to make money for charitable causes whilst you go running of an evening? Charity Miles lets you do it! Just sign up, browse the long list of charities hosted by the app, and get running. All of the cash donated is from corporate sponsors (their images and information appears as a background image), so all you need to do is pump those hams!



Every person doing exercise needs a little downtime, either in between workouts or after the main slog, and EuroPalace is one of the best apps out there for passing away those moments when all you need is a breather! The app and accompanying website let users play casino-themed games of the ilk found in Las Vegas, all from a mobile device. As well as deals and promotions, the site lets players play games such as poker, blackjack and slots for free or for cash, all of which translate in to big cash returns! The site even has a fitness theme running throughout; right now EuroPalace has a post debating body positivity!




Two wheels are always better than four, and if you cycle to work or pursue cycling as a hobby then chances are you’ll be looking for ways to enhance you cycling experience. Cyclemeter lets you do just that. The app collects a trove of data whilst you pedal, such as speed, time spend cycling and distance cycled, allowing you to size up just how well you’re doing and how you can improve your game.



This is the fitness app of all fitness apps! Endomondo is a hugely impressive application that can track your progress, alongside a huge number and variety of other metrics, whilst you run, jog, cycle, or enjoy whatever sport or activity you fancy! The interface is a dream to use, the sheer amount of data collected allows you to perfectly analyse your performance, and premium members can take advantage of training plans and coaching features too!


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