Life Practices That Will Help You Avoid Cancer

In today’s world it seems like you hear about somebody coming down with cancer every day. When the person isn’t close to you or isn’t you, you’re able to brush off the news pretty easily because while it’s sad, it doesn’t affect your life all that much. It’s different when you know somebody who has been diagnosed, or if that person is you. Suddenly every account of cancer is like a blow to your gut.


Cancer is an atrocious disease. It has no care for creed, race, sexual orientation, or anything else that has a tendency to separate society. It hits and it monopolizes everything in a moment. The fight back takes every ounce of your strength, the help of top medical professionals, the support of family and friends, and a generous share of praying and hoping for the best.

While cancer will hit with no cause or notice, there are certain life practices that help cancer find a foothold. If you want to avoid cancer, there are things you can do. Here are some of those life practices:

Limit Sugar

Sugar is literally cancer to the body. If you have a habit of eating it throughout the course of your life, especially in high doses, you’ll have a higher chance of developing cancer. If you are a big soda drinker and processed foods are your vice, do what you can immediately to get those things out of your life. Not only will the junk make you overweight, it lessens your bodies natural ability to fight of other diseases. Limiting sugar will help you with so many things in your life, but it will also hugely lessen your risk for getting cancer.

Avoid Smoking Anything

People have known for years that smoking increases their risk for cancer immensely, and they don’t really seem to care. While it’s ultimately on them in the end, the fact of the matter is that if you smoke anything including cigarettes, weed, and other carcinogens that shouldn’t be mentioned, you are sending your lungs and the rest of your body to an early death. Avoid smoking, even cigars and vapes, and try not to inhale large amounts of deadly chemicals. It should be a no-brainer, but alas.

Practice Being A Vampire

Before you get all freaked out, sucking people’s blood will not help you avoid cancer. What will help you avoid cancer is staying out of the sun at all costs, just like a vampire. Sure, you need Vitamin D to function, but today’s society seems to be obsessed with tanned skin and the ways to achieve that result are fast tracks to melanoma and other skin cancer that will take your life in an instant, so stay away, carry a parasol if you have to, and use non-toxic sunscreen if you want to continue on the whole no cancer lifestyle trend.

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