How to Know When Your Body Is Lacking Essential Nutrients

The environment is really good at screwing up natural processes of the body. So many things come into play as diet, exercise, sun exposure, the toxicity or the air you breath, and many other factors affect how well your body is going to be able to produce natural hormones as well as how easy or difficult it’s going to be for you to get all of your vitamins and minerals on a day to day basis to be able to function at your highest capacity.

Empty plate

Empty plate

You might not know as a man when your testosterone needs a little boost, and you probably aren’t aware when you’re lacking in a particular vitamin. With a little education, you can easily learn the side effects that are common with deficiency in a certain substance. If you’re curious how to know when your body is lacking essential nutrients, here are some huge hints:

You’re Tired A Lot

If you’re tired all the time, this could be a huge hint that your body is missing something very essential to the life equation. Vitamins are essential to the basic processes of the body, so if you’re feeling this symptom, you just might be low in B vitamins. B vitamins convert the food you eat into energy, ergo, if you don’t have enough B’s, you want to sleep the days away.

There is a simple fix to this problem. Just take your supplements of B1, which is thiamine, B2, which is riboflavin, B3 which is niacin, B5, which is pantothenic acid, as well as B6, B12, folic acid, and biotin. It sounds like a lot of pills, but they’re easy to come by and they’ll make a huge difference.

You’re Always Hungry

This might seem like too simple an answer, but it doesn’t make it any less true. If you’re always hungry even when you’ve eaten what you know is a lot of food, you’re probably not getting the nutrients that keep you satiated and full. If you eat a lot of processed foods in your diet that include bleached flour that is common in breads and crackers and you’re not eating vegetables or fruits, you’re getting no nutritional value from your food.

This causes what you’ve eaten to make you feel full in the moment, but since there is no nutritional value it’s doing nothing for your body but acting as filler, but not even an efficient filler. Your body needs all of the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals found in whole foods, so if you’re prone to reach for the bag of chips to fill up, this could be a sign you need to change up your diet a bit to get the things you need to live a happy, long life.

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