Is your office a health hazard?

You may think that your office is a fairly safe environment. While this may be the case to some extent, there could be certain ways in which your job is having a damaging effect on your wellbeing. Take a look at the following points to see if your office is a hazard to your health and what you can do to change this.

Back pain

If you’re an office employee, it’s likely you spend the majority of your day sat at a desk. Sitting in the same position for hours on end can wreak havoc on your back. One of the main factors that can affect your back health is the chair you choose. Like the office chairs from Furniture At Work™, your seat should be high quality and adjustable with a supportive backrest. A chair that can be adjusted in terms of height, tilt and position will help to reduce the strain on your back and also ensure you maintain a good posture throughout the day.


Working in an office environment often means members of staff are required to look at a computer screens for long periods of time. This can be tough on the eyes and it can even be the cause of computer vision syndrome, otherwise known as CVS. To avoid straining your eyes, you’ll want to make sure your computer screen is placed directly in front of you and at approximately an arm’s length away. The top of your screen should be in line with your eye level and you may also want to adjust the brightness or contrast of your display monitor.


Slips, trips and falls

Last year, the Health and Safety Executive reported that more than a third of employee injuries involved a slip, trip or fall. While working in an office may seem reasonably safe, there are still a whole host of potential hazards that can put you at risk of injury. For example, untidy computer wires or an overlooked spillage can lead to injuries. To prevent an accident, you should keep your workstation tidy and organised and walkways should be kept clear at all times.


Poor hygiene

Did you know that your desk can be up to 400 times more dirty than your toilet? According to microbiologist Dr Charles Gerba from the University of Arizona, this is the horrifying truth of hygiene in the workplace. From your mouse to your keyboard to your phone, your workstation could be harboring an alarming amount of bacteria. Simply wiping down your desk on a daily basis is an easy way to keep germs at bay, and you should avoiding eating food at your desk if possible.
Adopting some of these simple tips should help you transform your hazardous office into a safer working environment.

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