For the Good Health of Your Hair

Taking active steps to look after your health definitely improves your chances of staying healthy, but that’s all it is really; improving your odds of staying in good health and decreasing the odds that you develop some health issues. The same applies for the health of your hair in that as much as you may take really good care of it, some issues just prove to be unavoidable, like hair loss. This is especially true in the case of a hereditary condition which you may not have even known you were predisposed to as a result of it perhaps being dormant a few generations up your family tree. You may be the very first known person in your bloodline to experience hair loss caused by a genetic condition.


How to tell if it’s genetic or a mere health issue?

Well there’s always a visit to your doctor, who will probably refer you to a dermatologist or other medical specialist specialising in hair loss, but there are indeed some common indicators which can give you a very good idea. If you’ve generally been taking good care of your hair, shampooing occasionally but not too regularly (3-4 times a week is enough), and you’ve also been using a conditioner that’s been good to you over the years, unless you’ve recently made some dramatic changes to the way you treat your hair, then this might be a sign that the hair loss you’re experiencing is indeed genetic. Diet is another issue which could otherwise be contributing to hair loss, particularly if your particular diet lacks nutrients such as Biotin, Omega-3 fatty-acids, Iron, Protein, Vitamin C and a combination of Selenium and Zinc. The occasional small deficit in these nutrients is never a train smash however, and your body can usually make up for any shortfalls as you go about your daily business and later consume foods with even the smallest traces of these nutrients. Small deficits can build up however, otherwise these are normally some hair-growth nutrients you’d usually get out of your everyday balanced diet.

Perhaps you might have even changed the shampoo you’re using, or you might even be suffering under the pressure of an unusual amount of stress. All of these can be contributing factors to hair loss, but when you can’t quite put your finger on anything in particular which is contributing to your hair loss, then it could be a genetic issue which requires the appropriate attention.

Professional Help

A consultation with a professional, specialist hair loss establishment such as the Harley Street Hair Clinic will help you get to the root cause of your hair loss and you’d even get some useful information about the possible options you have, one of which could be a hair transplant. Naturally you’d then also get a much more accurate idea of how much a hair transplant would cost, if that is indeed the route you’re advised to take as the best possible solution for what will undoubtedly be a unique case.

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