Getting Over Your Mid-Summer Fitness Slump

Although it’s naturally met with buckets and buckets of enthusiasm when it finally arrives, the summer season perhaps serves as the perfect example of too much of a good thing turning out to be not so good. When the perfumed smells of the spring season are a distant memory and all the strings attached to each summer delight reveal themselves as clearly as the summer sun shines on a green lawn, the sticky, drawn-out and hot days have a way of setting the mood for every area of life, including the most exciting of fitness regimes. It suddenly feels a bit too hot to go for even a morning jog, or you suffer a phantom heat-stroke by merely thinking about what would ordinarily have passed-off as some fun under the sun. It can be really hard to beat the ensuing fitness slump, but you have to try your level best to get over your summer fitness slump if you don’t want to have to endure what would be an anticlimactic end to your summer fitness goals. The Greek-gods know how bad that can be, going into the colder months of the year.


Shake-Up Your Exercise Routine

Yes, taking a break from your regular exercise routine does count as an effective way of shaking-up your summer exercise routine in a bid to get overcome your mid-summer fitness slump. You need to make sure it really is just a short break though, otherwise by the time you’re ready to get back to your regular regime, you’ll wake up one day and realise that summer’s all but come and gone. A two to three day break will suffice, which can be extended to a week, but not a split second over seven days. When you return you can go right back to your regular exercise regime as you’ll likely feel refreshed and rejuvenated enough for your body to see it as an entirely fresh challenge.

A better way of shaking up your exercise routine to beat the summer fitness blues is to change it completely, even if only temporarily. You’d naturally have certain fitness goals you want to reach, so you’ll likely not want to make permanent changes to your regular exercise routine, but in order to get over your mid-summer fitness slump, you can just change your regular workout routine from something like a pure muscle-building fitness terrace to perhaps a week of yoga or cardio. Your diet will need to change as well, and this includes any supplements you might be taking. So if for instance you were indeed on a muscle-building regime and you decided to ditch it for a while for a week of yoga, you’d temporarily swap out your whey protein shakes for some Zma, or some or other combination which yields a similar effect.

Breathing some fresh air into both your workout regime and diet plan will pretty much do the trick in helping you beat the mid-summer workout blues and effectively get over your slump. The remaining part of the challenge is merely psychological, best furnished by using psychological triggers such as a rainy day amongst all the warm and sunny days to get back into the full swing of your summer exercise regime.

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