Getting Active When Camping With Your Dog

Camping with your dog is a wonderful adventure for the both of you. In fact, camping is the ideal holiday choice for bringing your dog along, in fact, I would say camping is probably the most pet-friendly UK holiday out there. It’s a fantastic way for them to get exercise and the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together. Depending on where you decide to camp there could be an expansive forest to explore, a river to swim in, mountains to climb, or many other activities. While camping is great for bonding with your pet, there are some responsibilities to be aware of when taking your dog camping, particularly when getting active with activities. Here is some advice to follow when taking your dog for an active camping trip:


Hiking is the perfect activity for you and your dog when camping. It provides an opportunity to explore the local nature and is superb exercise. One major consideration when taking your dog hiking is your pet’s health. Ensure your dog is healthy enough to embark upon the long walks and has enough water to drink during the hike. Also be aware of the local vegetation and trees. Some trees may contain poison ivy, which affects dogs in the same way as humans, or you might discover some shrubs containing berries which shouldn’t be eaten. It is also essential to keep an eye out for wildlife in the area. If you come across an animal your dog shouldn’t interact with then have a leash close at hand so you can keep a safe distance.


Swimming is a favourite pastime of most dogs, however, not all dogs love to go for a dip so if you decide to go swimming in a lake don’t force your dog to do the same. You can use a ball to encourage them if they are hesitant. Try to keep your dog from drinking too much from rivers and lakes and staying active while on dog friendly UK holidayinstead have fresh water handy for them to drink from. Another point to look out for when swimming with your dog is to try and keep them away from intense rivers with a fast flow. Some dogs will simply jump into water without considering an exit route. If you’re walking with your dog by a river with a strong current, ensure they keep away from the water until you reach a safe location for them to get in. After swimming, ensure your dog’s ears are extensively cleaned as bacteria can grow from the parasites in the water leading to infection.


Ball Throwing

If you are camping near a wide open space, bringing along some of your dog’s toys to use for active exercise is a great idea. When finding a space to throw a ball for your dog, make sure that there is plenty of room for your dog to run and fetch the ball without interrupting the activities of others. Also, try to keep ball throwing confined to an open area where you can see your dog at all times. Throwing a ball in a wooded area can lead to confusion for your dog and make it hard to find them again. If you are throwing a ball into a river or lake, make sure there isn’t a strong current before you throw the ball.