Four Outdoor Sports To Consider For Fun And Fitness

There are plenty of general activities that you can do outside when it comes to getting fit. You could take a jog or a run, go for a hike, or even go swimming. And, all of those things give you a good, full body workout.


However, for the more sports minded individual, you may need something that offers a little competitiveness when it comes to your outdoor fitness. Sometimes even the smallest amount of competition can make you workout more. Here are some great ideas for sports that give you a workout, from a full body high intensity style, to something milder, but still a workout.


Tennis is an extremely heart healthy form of exercise. It not only increases the strength of your heart, but it is also good for your lungs. Tennis is a full body workout. When you play this game you just can’t stand still.

You will be diving and reach, moving and hitting. There is no way to play a good round of tennis and not work up a sweat or get your heart rate going. It’s fun and it’s intense.


You may not think golf is much of a workout, and if you are using a cart on the court then you are definitely defeating the purpose. The walking is one of the best parts of getting some fitness from when it comes to golf, although you can get a workout all over when you’re swinging that club.

This is a very low impact workout, and is great for your off day from intense workouts, for when you are recovering from an injury, or if you just don’t have the stamina for a more aerobic workout. And, when weather doesn’t permit outdoor golf, you can also consider a golf simulator to keep your swing up to par!

Marathon Training

Don’t just go for a walk, start training for a marathon. It gives you something to work toward, which is a great way to compete with yourself. Sometimes you’ll be the only person you have to compete with, you and your health that you want to make better.

By training for a marathon you will increase the amount of time you walk, and the time in which it takes you for you to complete your walks. You will increase your stamina and your heart rate.


Like tennis, volleyball is a great full body workout that, but this one can be as intense as you want it to be. If you stand in the back and let the people in the front get the shots every time, then you won’t be getting all the workout you could.

If you want to increase your workout, set up your volleyball net on the sand or in a pool. In the pool you won’t feel the burn as much as you do in the sand, but it will still be an extra intense workout.