Five Sports That Can Give You A Full Body Workout

Not all sports are competitive, so when you look at this list don’t think of some of the sports included as not actually being sports, just because they may have less competition than the others. Even bicycling is included in triathlons, making it a sport.


If you are looking to get a good, full body workout, you can do any of the following sports, for fun or competition. Some of them you can even enjoy on your own, depending on what equipment you have available.


Basketball is an excellent sport to play if you want to workout your entire body. It can also get your heartrate going, making it a great choice for a cardio workout. Basketball can be fun to play alone, but you’ll get more of a workout playing with at least one other person.

Shooting hoops stretches your arms and builds arm muscles. You’ll also be working your legs out, and getting them tone. Back muscles, and more, will feel the burn when you play basketball as a form of fitness.

Martial Arts

Martial arts is not only a good way to get fit, you’ll learn both discipline and balance as well. There are many forms of martial arts, so you can pick whichever works best for you, or is available in your area.

You don’t need to sign up for classes either, if you simply want to do it for the fitness aspect. You can find videos online to follow.


There is a lot of exercise that goes into getting ready for the ring, but even if you have no intentions of joining an actual boxing match, you can still benefit from the fitness you can gain from boxing, in general. You can box with a friend (but you risk injury).

Instead, consider getting a punching bag to hang in your rec room. You can also kickbox, giving your legs an excellent workout as well.

Marathon Running

Even if you aren’t planning to run in a marathon, train for one. Marathon training can be brutal at some points, but it will really get you in shape. Have you ever seen a runner without some fab arm and leg muscles?

You don’t have to have a plan to run either. Just get out there and do it.


Bicycling, much like marathon running, is a great way to tone your whole body, and you don’t have to be participating in some sort of triathlon or race to get the benefits. Buy a bike and start riding.

Make sure you fit in turns, hills, dips, and other things that give you that extra push. You’ll have stronger legs, and a stronger core, in no time.

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