Five Great Ways To Get Cardio Today

Everyone should be getting a good cardio workout a few times a week. Not only is this type of workout great for your heart health, but it can help elevate your mood and even expand the strength of your lungs. Plus, it’s a great way to lose weight.


Not everyone exercises for weight loss, so it does help to know that cardio is great for so much more. It can boost your overall health, help release those feel good hormones in your brain, and it can help you tone your muscles.


Go dancing if you need a cardio workout, but don’t want to really feel like you’re working out. Hit the club with some friends and get your dance on and you’ll be getting a full body, cardio workout without even realizing it.

You could also sign up for a dance class. This will give you a weekly workout, but you can do it somewhere other than a gym. You’ll find, once you’ve been dancing awhile, that your legs and arms get more strength, as well as your core, and you will also have better balance.

Go For A Run Or Jog

Running and jogging, or even going for a brisk walk, can be another easy way to get a good cardio workout. You also get to spend some time in the outdoors. You can jog alone, go with friends, or you can even take your dog with you.

Hiking on rugged terrain can also be a good full body, cardio workout. If you live near a park or in the mountains, consider hiking as you workout routine.

Get On The Treadmill

If walking in the outdoors doesn’t work for you, maybe invest some time and money in a treadmill. You can get them for your home, or you can join a gym and use one there. If you rent an apartment, find out if your complex has its own gym and you’re likely to find one there as well.

Go For A Bike Ride

Whether you hit the streets with a bicycle or you have a stationary bike at home, bicycling can be a cardio workout as well. Obviously you want to be pedaling vigorously to get that heart rate going. If you don’t have a stationary bike at home, hit the gym.

Hit The Gym

The gym is full of all sorts of things to give you a cardio workout. From stationary bikes and treadmills to actual cardio workout classes, it almost pays to have a gym membership. Plus, you have the chance to learn Zumba, which will give you an excellent workout.

You’ll start to notice a difference in both your mood and your energy once you start doing a regular cardio workout several times a week. That change may be just enough to motivate you to keep it up too!

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