Fitness Goals for the New Year? – Don’t Call Them Resolutions

If you have fitness goals for the new year, do yourself a favour and don’t refer to them as resolutions! I mean we all know how things eventually play out with regards to New Years’ resolutions — you get all pumped up and perhaps even work up a head of intensive consistency with your sessions in the gym, but come April you go spiralling into a mini-depression when you realise we’re just two months away from being half way through the year and you’ve not achieved nearly half of the resolutions you should have achieved by now.


Yes, it’s definitely a psychological thing — psychology is the main reason why some people realise success in their fitness goals and others fail dismally. It really is all about your psychology. Think about it — what ever happens to those who want to wait until all the stars are perfectly aligned before they even walk through the doors of the gym for the very first time, setting along on a supposed terrace to realise their fitness goals?

The stars never align perfectly and every little investment they make ultimately comes to nought. They might as well have given that high-quality protein powder to a more committed gym buddy as opposed to it moving from the top of the fridge to a dark cupboard somewhere as a result of all the shame attached to it!

The same goes for those who go all out and perhaps even invest in a fully-equipped home-gym which eventually goes unused or ends up inadvertently being converted into just another room to hang out in at home. This pattern of making big plans, some of which could be solid plans for that matter — and then not quite being able to follow-through on them peaks around the turn of the new year, every single year without fail. That’s why you shouldn’t call them resolutions if you want to make good on your fitness goals for the New Year.

What you should rather refer to them as are a set of fitness goals which were simply overdue in their implementation. This way you don’t feel the pressure of having to act in haste as the New Year comes and goes, running around like a headless chicken and trying out all sorts of different things to try and put yourself on a fitness terrace that makes you feel as if results need to be forthcoming as a matter of urgency.

If you don’t have an exercise terrace mapped out deep into the month of January to fall in line with your fitness goals of the New Year, don’t sweat it, now is the perfect time to start. If anything, you’ll be doing things with a level head and you’ll be tapping into a very powerful way of doing things in general to get the best results, which is planning things to be an intrinsic part of your life and not a part of some seasonal fad.

That’s how you ensure that you can easily get back on track with your exercise regime should there be any disturbances that hinder your progress, instead of waiting for the next New Year to come.