Exercising with Big Boobs

Let’s face it, working out with big boobs can be a nightmare. Back pain, boob pain and inability to do certain exercises or stances is commonplace when women are exercising with big boobs. But being well endowed on your chest shouldn’t mean that you miss out on doing an exercise that you love!

Running, horse-riding, crossfit, yoga… all of these have been crossed off the list by women with big boobs because they think they cannot move too much in case it makes their boobs hurt.

But there are other options!

Low-impact but high-intensity exercises are still able to give you a real sweat without having to damage your boobs. Ballet and pilates are a great example of this.

Swimming is another option that can really help to ease the strain on your chest when exercising. The buoyancy in the water can counteract the weight of the boobs and make it easier to get a good cardio workout in.

Hiking and bike riding are also great cardiovascular workouts that burn fat without the excess chest movement.

You need a strong back and core to be able to support your larger chest. Take a look at some back extension tutorials and the correct form for planking to help improve the strength of your back and core over time. Opt for moves that work our entire core and not just your abs, remember, the goal here isn’t to get a six pack, it’s to make your entire core and floor more stable.

There are plenty of alternatives exercises you can go for if you don’t want your chest to bounce too much. Doing plank up-downs rather than mountain climbers, instead of squat jumps, do squat to toe raises, instead of jumping lunges do split squats. For every bouncing movement, there is a more static one that works just the same muscles.

Of course, there will come a time when you feel you NEED to do these high impact exercises. You don’t have to sign yourself off these forever, in fact, a good sports bra can make high-impact exercises a dream. Either invest in a decent brand and structure or purchase a shelf bra to help strap those babies down. If you’re stuck on how to find a sports bra that will support you effectively, check out www.getbraadvice.com 

At the end of the day, having big boobs shouldn’t be an excuse for not working out. There are always options for every body shape and size and with all the great breast support products on the market there is always something for everyone to use to stop making excuses and get working out.

Your assets may be on your chest, but your biggest asset is your health and your ability to get moving and get exercising.

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