Exercises to Do When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

We all have those days when we just don’t feel like putting a session in at the gym or getting any form exercise done. You could be on your best streak of religiously sticking to your training regime or you could indeed even be compounding the struggle of getting off your behind and merely starting your training regime, but when that familiar feeling of feeling unmotivated hits, it tends to hit really hard. The trick that usually always works is to just get started with a few reps, etc., otherwise there are four forms of exercise which make for some good fun while ensuring you at least do some work so that you don’t fall too far from your fitness goals.

A female road runner runs down a road at dusk at Independence Pass.


Road-running in particular can be very refreshing, but it’s also a great way to get your body to do the type of physical work which will make you feel a little less guilty about reneging on your regular exercise commitments. Have a good stretch and run, even if it’s a comfortable jog at a leisurely pace. Chances are you might come back with your blood all pumped-up, compelling you to keep things going by getting right back to your regular regime. Otherwise a good run is still a great way to sneak in some exercise.


Biking is perhaps the most fun form of exercise one can do because it doesn’t feel like exercising at all. I mean even if you have one of those bikes serious cyclists or mountain bikers have – like a gravel bike or road racer – shifting the gears to suit the terrain you’re biking on still makes for some good fun, but what it also does is give you the opportunity to get a good workout cycling up and down some challenging slopes. Either way, you’ll break a sweat in a fun way.


If the weather permits or if you alternatively have access to a heated pool, there’s nothing like a good morning swim to get some good exercise. Swimming is indeed one of those activities which engage your entire body, working every muscle in your body without really feeling like you’re truly exercising. A few laps for a little while will do as a genuine substitute for your regular training schedule.


Yes, it kind of looks a bit silly, even when you try to take refuge in the fact that a version of it is a proper Olympic sport (racewalking) for which winners’ medals are handed out and everything. Power-walking is a great way to force yourself to at least get in some form of exercise however, but the trick is to go fully kitted-out in your running gear. Halfway through your “power-walk,” you might realise how ridiculous you look walking fast and shaking your hips like racewalkers do, or your mind will probably get over the mental block which was the source for your de-motivation. Either way, you’ll likely break into a jog or spontaneously start running and eventually get in some decent exercise.

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