Creating a perfect workout space in your home

In general, people today devote more time and attention to good health, personal wellness and physical fitness than ever before. Gym memberships are increasingly popular and increasing numbers of people count exercise and working out as a regular activity.


For some people however, going out to exercise is simply not practical. Quite apart from the additional cost and commitment of a gym membership, many of us have other responsibilities like work and family that prevent us getting out as often as we would ideally like to.

With all this mind, perhaps it is not surprising that more and more people are using their own homes as workout spaces. Here are some hints and tips for how to go about creating the perfect place to exercise without ever needing to go out of your front door.

  • Pick a room. The right space is essential and while very few people have the luxury of a large empty area in their homes, it is usually possible to identify a spot you can adapt to your needs. Try to avoid the living room or your bedroom if you can, because these areas already have a use and an identity that you probably want to avoid encroaching on to. Instead, try to find a space that you can store a few basic bits of equipment, move about freely and not find yourself bumping into other people. If you happen to have a spare room, that would be perfect.
  • Get the right equipment. This is absolutely essential. Of course, it is possible to do a completely tech-free workout, but you can really ramp things up by investing in a few simple items like a yoga mat, some dumbbells or, if you have room, perhaps even a step machine. This will help make the space feel more like your own gym rather than just a spare room that you go into to exercise. As well as making sure you are really getting the most out of your workout, the right equipment will also reduce the risk of injury, which is a critical consideration if you are working out alone.
  • The finishing touches. To enhance your own motivation, introduce a few features that make the room a nice place to be. Think about colours and how to make the best use of natural light. Some smart solid wooden shutters are a low-cost and highly effective way of achieving a gym look and feel. Finally, make sure the room is free of general household clutter and decorate it with workout posters and other features that help remind you why you are there.

It is easy enough to find excuses not to go to the gym, but if you are serious about meeting your health and safety goals, no challenge is truly insurmountable. A home gym will help you save a significant amount of money, remove the need to factor travel time into your workout schedule and provide the means to realise your ambitions right under your own roof.