Why Buy a New Suite to Match Your Rise and Recline Chair?

It used to be that rise and recline chairs were always purchased separate from the rest of the living room suite. Of course, that’s still an option, but more and more manufacturers have started offering suites that include a rise and recline chair instead of simply offering the chair by itself. It does cost a little extra money to replace your entire living room suite when you need a rise and recline chair, but there are several reasons you might wish to do so.

Consistent Style

The most obvious benefit of buying a suite with your rise and recline chair is also the most compelling: you’ll enjoy consistent styling across the room. One reason people tend to dislike the idea of buying a rise and recline chair is having one piece of furniture that looks different from the rest. If you try matching, you’ll usually get the colour and design a little wrong, and that can make a room look even less coordinated. When you buy a suite that includes a rise and recline chair, you maintain a uniform style.

Consistent Wear

It isn’t just the colour and design of your rise and recline chair that should match the rest of your living room furniture – you should also pay attention to wear patterns. Most people don’t notice the way their furniture changes over time. It’s subtle, but you’d notice the signs of aging if you placed your current furniture next to a brand-new piece. That’s exactly what’s going to happen when you add a rise and recline chair to your current living room suite. Even if the style isn’t an issue, your new chair will make your old furniture look dated in contrast.

Opens Up the Space

Finally, keep in mind that you may need more space now than you did before. If you suffer from mobility issues, it can become harder to get around. In the future, you may need a walking frame or wheelchair, and such aids require plenty of space to manoeuvre. Suites with rise and recline chairs often include smaller pieces of furniture that help fit around such needs.