5 Necessary Pieces of Sports Protection Equipment

No matter what sport you participate in, there is always the potential for some type of injury. And especially for kids, that means that it’s vitally important that you buy the most appropriate sports protection equipment. And appropriate, in each case, means that the item fits and works to prevent injury in the best way possible. It’s amazing how many injuries happen every year because of ill-fitting or improper use of safety equipment!

So, five of the most common pieces of sports protection equipment include helmets for sports like football and hockey, pads for football, hockey, and martial arts, hand protection against cold weather or impact, mouthguards so everyone keeps their teeth intact, and eye protect to protect sight.


The primary reason for helmets is to prevent head injuries and concussions. One sort of interesting theory that has come to light recently is the idea that if younger football players practice without helmets in order to learn better tackling skills, injuries go down significantly as well. Because even though helmet technology has improved, that only does so much to combat bad technique that comes from not understanding the physics of impact on the brain and spine.


In contact sports like football, hockey, lacrosse, and many others, having the right size of pads can make as much of a difference as having the right pads in the right places. We’ve all seen and laughed at small kids with big pads on, but after a certain age, when players get stronger and faster, pads that are the wrong size or shape can really prevent them from doing their job correctly.

Hand Protection

Sports gloves play a number of different roles in terms of protection. Have you ever wondered why baseball players use batting gloves? Or why some quarterbacks use one glove but not another? Or what kind of hand injuries are possible in lacrosse if you take a hit to the wrist? Once you answer questions like these, you’ll realize how important good gloves are to the athlete.

Mouth Guards

And you really don’t want to lose any teeth just playing a game. And a mouthguard is going to be much cheaper than a trip to the dentist to get a new tooth put in. So ever if you feel silly at first, getting the right size and type of mouthguard is important for your safety as an athlete.

Eye Protection

And finally, eye protection is important in many sports. Sometimes it’s built in as part of a helmet (consider football or hockey) and then other times there are special glasses for special purposes, especially when there is any sport that involves firing a gun or weapon of some kind.