4 Signs You Aren’t Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes we are so engrossed in our habits that we forget to take an inventory of how we are feeling and whether it is an indication of good habits or bad habits.  If we take a look and really examine how we feel and what our physical condition is, we can determine whether we are doing things conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

The first step to improving your lifestyle is identifying your problem areas.  Then you can make the changes that it takes to feel better. Here are some of the biggest indicators that you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle.

You Feel Tired A Lot

If you feel lethargic and as if you can’t seem to get the inspiration or inertia going to get your day rolling, you may have a body that has been bogged down with unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.  

Another reason this may happen is from drinking excessively.  When you drink too much alcohol your body slows down trying to metabolize the poison in your system. Instead of drinking multiple times a week, try making it a special occasion thing.  Rather than a glass of wine with every meal, or 4 or 5 cocktails when you go out, try to make the space in between more spread out.  You will feel much more alert.

You Are Overweight

One of the biggest indicators of lack of healthfulness is being overweight. When you don’t get enough physical exercise you run the risk of becoming overweight and feeling lethargically large.  Try to make healthy choices regularly and limit your fat intake.

Once you start eating healthily and getting regular movement on a daily basis you can start to feel like you aren’t a blob anymore.

Most Of Your Money Goes Towards Eating Out

If you sit down and look at your bank statement only to find that nearly every transaction is at a bar or a restaurant this means that you probably are eating a lot of unnecessary extra calories and fats. Rather than allowing yourself to constantly give into temptations, try choosing to make something at home instead.

You won’t be disappointed when you see your bank balance is much higher than it usually is when you find yourself eating out a lot. Minimize your spending towards these unhealthy eating habits and not only see your body benefit from it but your bank account too.

You Don’t Feel Confident

When you aren’t feeling like you are trying your hardest to look good, you can start to feel sluggish and less than tip top.  By practicing healthy eating and living habits, you can regain the confidence it takes to feel great!

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