3 Ways the Game of Golf Benefits Your Health

Golf is a sport that is widely misunderstood by many. It’s thought of to be the rich kids’ sport because it’s not cheap to play. Though golf is accessible to most who wish to play it if they look hard enough, the quality of the course and the game being played will vary depending on where you go, what kind of financial standing you have, what kind of tools you have, or who you know.


People say that the golf is much more fun to play than to watch. In the end, the judgment is up to you, but if you haven’t ever played a round of golf, you can’t really be one to judge. So first things first; get yourself on a course and shoot for that hole in one; then you can tell the world all you want whether you like the game or not.

Aside from golf being a rather difficult and exclusive sport to play, it’s actually a game that can be beneficial to your health. Here are 3 reasons why:

It’s Less Physical Than Other Sports

Though the game of golf requires that its players be in decent shape, it’s great for your health because you can play it and not put too much physical stress on your body. Aside from all the time spent swinging and perfecting your form, you’re spending time moving and walking from place to place instead of running and being body checked by other players. You’re also adding years to your life instead of subtracting every time you get hit. So if you’re in life for the long haul, skip the football and pick up a club instead.

You’re Amongst Nature

There can be no doubt that nature is beneficial to the human body mentally, physically, and spiritually. Other sports are played indoors and training is done indoors so you’re shut off from the outside world. In addition to this, you’re breathing in air that is mixed with heavy cleaning chemicals used to wipe down the equipment, or you’re breathing in a fair share of body odor and other less than appealing things.

Golf is great for your health because it takes you outside. Whether you play 9 or 18 holes, you’re out in the elements breathing in fresh air, getting your vitamin D, and taking in breathtaking sights. That counts for a lot.

You Build Relationships

Golf is a conversationalists game. There is a lot of dead time waiting for your turn to tee-off and driving from hole to hole. This means you get to spend that time making lifelong friendships and talking about anything and everything under the sun. Humans are bred for relationship, so a game that builds relationship is definitely amazing for your health.

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