3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Those Last Stubborn Pounds

Losing weight is a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of dedication, time and sweat. However, many people experience a bit of a plateau toward the end of their weight loss goal even if they’ve been working their hardest throughout the entire experience. You know you can lose the weight, but you just can’t seem to lose those last few pounds. So to help those who feel like they’re stuck with those extra couple of pounds get over that hurdle, here are three tips for getting rid of those last few pounds.

Workout On An Empty Stomach

When you get down to the last few pounds to lose, you’ve likely had a previous routine that worked for you and helped you shed that larger portion of the weight you wanted to lose. But once your body has gotten into better shape, sometimes you need to switch things up a bit to kick it into a new gear.

One thing you could try, if you haven’t been doing this previously, is working out on an empty stomach. Steve Edwards, a contributor to BeachBody.com, shares that working out on an empty stomach ensure that the food you last ate was converted into the energy you need to get the most out of your fat-burning workouts. Give this technique a shot if you have just a few pounds left to go to your goal.

Combine Strength and Cardio

When you have quite a bit of weight to lose, any amount of diet or exercise will help you see some impressive results. However, this minimal change won’t be able to take you all the way to the finish line. To truly blast as much fat as possible, Karen Asp, a contributor to Prevention.com, recommends combining strength training with cardio. By using weights when you’re doing your cardio routines, you should be able to burn up to 30 percent more calories than if you did your cardio workout without pairing it with a small amount of weight training.

Find More Active Recreational Activities

Even if you have a goal to lose a lot of weight and make a drastic lifestyle change, there are still things to include in your life that have an element of fun to them. But one way you can continue to work on your health and fitness while simultaneously getting some recreation in is by trying out some active recreational activities. Rather than spending your downtime on the couch or doing other sedentary activities, Alex Kostich, a contributor to Active.com, suggests doing things like hiking, rock climbing, swimming or other fun yet physical activities that can help put you over the top for your fitness goals.

If you’ve had trouble shedding those last stubborn pounds, try some of the tips mentioned above to give yourself the last little push your body needs.

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